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St Peter's C of E Primary School


The Daily Mile

 We have an all weather running track on the school field which means that pupils can maintain their fitness and stamina all year round.   Teachers choose when their class will run, fitting it in to an appropriate part of the school day.  Running also has huge benefits for mental health and wellbeing. A short burst of physical activity boosts the readiness for learning as it has an impact on mood, alertness, verbal memory and reaction time.  We have Daily Mile leaders and at various points in the year, classes compete for the greatest distance completed.   


The track has certainly inspired enthusiasm for running throughout the school and we regularly field the largest team in the Farnham and District Schools Cross Country events.  St Peter's now organises this incredible event which is held in Farnham Park on two Saturdays across the year. 


                 Farnham and District Schools Cross Country

                                                                        Saturday October 16th 2021