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St Peter's C of E Primary School


Our Vision

At St Peter’s we have high expectations where everyone flourishes, achieves and succeeds within a safe, inclusive Christian community. We promote gospel teachings of independence, respect and empathy. Through an exciting curriculum, children are inspired to find joy as lifelong learners and active world citizens.

Jesus said: "Love one another as I have loved you."  John 13:v34

Please watch our school video to see what makes us special.





Parent Voice

“We have been at St. Peter’s for a few months and have been really impressed with everything about the school. The school family ethos is superb and we love the positive thinking and encouragement.”

“I think SMSC is an area that St Peter’ excels in and it sets them apart from many schools. These life skills and social awareness will be so critical to our youngsters as they grow up. Thank you for continuing to place importance on them.”

“Children at St Peters seem very happy, calm and kind to each other. They are enthusiastic to learn and share their learning. They have lots of opportunities to learn outside of a traditional classroom setting.”

“Excellent all round education. Our daughter is very happy there.”

“My daughter in Y3 really enjoys the time spent watching Newsround and I am pleased that children are encouraged to learn about current affairs.”

“My daughter is incredibly happy at St Peters and I couldn’t think of a better school to suit her. She is gaining confidence every day and always comes home eager to tell us what she has been learning. Her teachers so far in the school have all shown such care about her and know her very well. I couldn’t be more happy with this school.”

“I believe St Peter's School provides my children with an all round education, meeting not only their academic needs but their social and emotional needs too; therefore turning them into life long learners who have understanding of their place in the world and how they can contribute towards it.”

“My child is extremely happy at St. Peter’s. The curriculum is varied and interesting and I always feel that she is encouraged and valued.”

“The forest school is a fantastic way to integrate learning and is a big hit with my daughter.”