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St Peter's C of E Primary School







Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Dunning


Lead DSL

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Marshall


DSL/SMSC/RE/Worship/Curriculum& Assessment/International Award

Teaching Staff

Mrs Katie Marshall

Year R

EYFS Leader (SLT), Arts Mark


Mrs Catherine Passmore

Year R

DT, Forest School 


Mrs Jennifer Williams

Year 1

French, Fairtrade Award


Mrs Lucy Norford 

Year 1



Ms Jackie Edmonds 

Year 2



Mrs Nicky Hill 

Year 2 

KS1 Leader (SLT) 

PSHE, Healthy Schools Award


Mrs Tracy Smith 

Year 3



Mrs Penny Goddin 

Year 3



Mrs Camilla Simpson

Year 4



Ms Anne Bench 

Year 4



Mrs Wendy McCann 

Year 5

KS2 Leader (SLT), English 

  Mrs Emma Dawson Year 5 Sport, Sports Mark 


Mrs Vanda Bolton/Mrs Susannah Russell 

Year 6

Green Flag

History/ Green Flag

  Mrs Lesley Tuson/Mrs Susannah Russell  Year 6 


History/ Green Flag


Mrs Barbara Schorah

PPA Cover



Mrs Claire Cobb

PPA Cover

Music Specialist

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sara Bateman




Mrs Sally Bhandari



  Mrs Jane Cook   Parent Reading Programme
  Mrs Shelley Fassett    


Mrs Sarah Curry



  Ms Jade Merry    
  Mrs Daisy Edwards    


Mrs Anne Franklin




Miss Jo Franklin



  Mrs Emma Hayes    
  Mrs Elaine De Moraes    


Mrs Sally Major




Mrs Patience Dring



  Mrs Kirsty Scudder    


Mrs Wendy Potter



  Mrs Nicola Webzell   Forest School Leader


Mrs Ann-Marie Usher




Miss Kerry Usher



  Lisa Thompson                  

Language and

Communication Facilitator

Midday Supervisors

Mrs CarolChua



  Mrs Sheena Elkins    


Mrs Debbie Cogbill




Mrs Shelley Fassett



  Ms Jade Merry    


Mrs Angela Holloway




Mrs Carol Lothian




Mrs Shirley Middleton



  Ms Claire Oakley    
SENCo Mrs Dawn Ward    
SEN Assistant / ELSA Mrs Jane Cook   Curriculum Cookery

School Business Manager

Mrs Fiona Hopkins



Finance Assistant Mrs Kate Parry-Shield    

School Secretary

Mrs Nicola Molony



School Assistants

Mrs Davina Skingley



  Mrs Kate Parry-Shield    


Mrs Sally Major



Site Manager

Mr Terry Wells




Reverend Jacqueline Drake Smith



ICT Technician

Mr Ben Snedden



Home / School Link Worker

Mrs Rosemary Pointon




Mrs Jennifer Payne



Lunch Servery Staff

Mrs Ali Brown



  Mrs Sarah Paul    
BASE Playworkers Mrs Debbie Cogbill/Mrs Emma Bromhead/Ms Jade Merry/Mrs Shirley Middleton/ Ms Clare Oakley/ Mrs Carol Lothian