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St Peter's C of E Primary School


Schools Working Together

We work extremely closely with Weydon, our neighbouring Secondary School and they have supported our curriculum using their specialist teachers. Our Year 5 children take part in an annual dance festival and are taught by Weydon staff.  Other year groups have the opportunity to be taught by the secondary PE staff. 



We also work very closely with all our nursery feeder schools to ensure that we give our new pupils a smooth transition. Our EYFS staff visit each nursery to observe and meet the children. They are also briefed by the nursery staff on all vital information.

St Peter's is part of the Farnham Schools' Confederation, a partnership of 18 schools in the Farnham area. The schools range from Infant to Secondary and Special Educational Needs. The aim of the confederation is to work together in identifying opportunities for shared learning, provide innovative training across the schools, develop focus groups and networks and share expertise, facilities and resources. Currently, we have several network groups that are continually developed to make sure they meet the needs of the schools and the staff involved. 

We also support our local teacher training schools by offering placements to students aiming to enter the profession.

For several years, we worked collaboratively with schools across Europe through our participation in The British Council's e-twinning programme. Since Brexit, the UK no longer has access to this platform but we have maintained a strong link with a school in France, who we skype regularly.