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St Peter's C of E Primary School



We understand that there is only so much classroom focused learning that you can do at home.  One hour one to one, is a lot more intense that one hour in class where there are often more than 30 others sharing the teacher's attention.  At St Peter's, we focus on a lot of extended learning which goes beyond the classroom and we all know that for many children, this is the best way to learn.   

Below, you will see our St Peter's Challenges designed to be carried out during lock down.  There are four:

  • Early Years, 
  • KS1 (Y1 & Y2), 
  • Y3 & Y4, and
  • Y5 & Y6.  

Here you will find 20 tasks or activities which we feel will help to develop communication, creativity and independent thinking skills. See what you can already do and ask an adult to initial below (as evidence that you can do it).  Then work through the challenges and as you complete them, have them signed off and move forward. They are not designed to done in any particular order or time frame. They cover different subject areas and life skills so you may find you are challenged by a few of them. Others may be more straightforward.  See how many you can complete!  Your teachers would like to discuss them with you when you return.  

Bring your sheet back into school and anyone who has completed 15/20 can have their sheet entered into a prize draw. We will make allowances for age.  

If you are super motivated and complete them all, why not look at the age group above and see how you get on?   If you finish the Y5/Y6 challenge - well then you really are ready for secondary school!! Try adding some of your own challenges from different learning areas.