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St Peter's C of E Primary School


SIAMS - church inspection -March 2023 - graded Excellent in all areas - see report below


Jesus said: "Love one another, as I have loved you."  John 13 v34


We are proud of this report which came seven years after the previous one.  We feel that it reflects the

essence of St Peter's School and its community.  The key findings are below and the following quotes

are lifted from the inspector's report:


"St Peter’s school has a strong sense of community and an ambitious vision which is lived out in

all aspects of school life. Leaders inspire and promote a culture of reflection and development amongst

both staff and pupils. Guided by the vision, this is a community that respects each other and recognises

the inherent value in everyone. "

"Staff, at all levels, are highly ambitious for their pupils. This is reflected in the richness and breadth of

the curriculum."

"School leaders are relentless in their drive to ensure that highly effective teaching enables all pupils to

flourish and find joy in their learning. Leaders prioritise opportunities in the curriculum to celebrate

diversity and to make connections to Christian values. The curriculum is broad and innovative."

"Pupils speak courageously about their leadership roles in the school. This is seen through committees

such as the School Council, Fairtrade, Eco and Global Committees. Pupils articulate clearly the links

between Christian teachings and the actions of individuals in response to global issues."

"Leaders promote a school culture which celebrates courage and active citizenship. Pupils are given

opportunities to think deeply about big issues such as sustainability and poverty." 

"Diversity is celebrated and pupils learn about a wider global society.



* The deeply committed and exceptional leadership of the headteacher ensures that the Christian vision

is at the heart of the school. Leaders’ relentlessness in decision-making is transformative

on the entire school community, enabling all to flourish.

 *Invitational collective worship deeply embodies the vision and is an integral part of the school day.

*Opportunities for reflection and spiritual growth are rich and highly valued by staff and pupils. •

*Exemplary leadership of RE ensures that the curriculum is high quality, rigorous and challenging.

*Pupils are encouraged to think deeply about big questions of meaning and consider how these relate

to their own lives.

*Within this deeply loving community, the school promotes a strong culture of respect and inclusion

where all feel highly valued and cared for.

*Social action within the school community is celebrated. Pupils feel empowered and inspired to live

out Christian values through their own positive choice.