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St Peter's C of E Primary School


Home Learning During Closure

We aim to update the learning for each year group by Friday evening  each week.  Pupils should have new learning each week. You will need to click on your child's year group and then the appropriate week.  You also have your child's teacher's email address. Please try to establish some kind of timetable so that your child is aware of expectations for learning. It will be easier if they agree the format with you.  Enjoy family time together! 

Below please find links to our very own St Peter's YOGA from the wonderful Natalie Perry - thank you so much for putting this together Natalie! Have fun with your family members.   EYFS, KS1 & Y3  Y4/Y5/Y6

May 25th - HALF TERM - NO LEARNING THIS WEEK but do take a look at the nature video put togehter with the wonderful photos you sent in.  It is so relaxing to watch. Look out too for a page showing some of your home learning achievements in the Gallery area (next week).  






May 18th LEARNING FOR THE WEEK - please read below and go to your year group and open WEEK SEVEN.  Before you do that... take a look below. Mrs Perry has created relaxation videos for us: KS1 & KS2. Show the family how to join in!  Below you will also find two short clips from The Hamilton Trust to help you support young children with their learning.  We are delighted with all the musical compositions from home  - see Gallery.  Mrs Webzell is busy putting together a clip with all your wildlife photos - you have until Monday so there's still time! 







Remember to read the message from your teachers before starting.  Once again, it's been wonderful to hear from so many of you and to see the amazing learning you've been doing.  When you've completed your English and Maths and perhaps some project work, please try the St Peter's Challenges (see tab on left). They are split into age appropriate challenges.  Also- how many of you have tried the fantastic fitness challenges sent to us by our CM coaches? Some teachers have also posted learning videos. Look at Dylan, writing down words while holding a plank! Can you challenge him?  














May 11th  LEARNING FOR THE WEEK - please read below and go to your year group & open WEEK SIX

What better way to cheer us into Summer than this painting sent in by Lucy Y3: Sunflowers -after Van Gogh! 

Teachers have loved hearing from you all this week!  We've enjoyed seeing some wonderful activities completed from the St Peter's Challenges (see tab on left).  Many of you have been baking and preparing meals for the family. Others have risen to the physical challenges or found out about places around the world and the environment. Make sure an adult signs off your challenges and bring your sheet in when you return to school! 

Please read the message from your teachers on your Year group page for Week Six before you begin your learning.  Remember you have your teacher's email address and can contact them if you need help or if you wish to share something you've achieved.   

Remember to check Purple Mash and keep up with your Mathletics and Readiwriter. 

Can you send us a photo?  

  • This week you are invited to send in a photo for a St Peter's wildlife video - see instructions on tab to the left.
  • Open the link below to find some fitness challenges from our friends at CM SPORTS - try the plank and the toilet roll flip for starters!



The Song Birds (parents choir)  sing WW1 song 




Find out what the staff are getting up to when they're not busy in school or at their computers!  (May 5th) 



May 4th LEARNING FOR THE WEEK - please read below and go on to your year group & open WEEK FIVE

We know that you loved seeing the staff on the video that we made last week - they love hearing from you! 

Remember that you have your teacher's email address if you have any difficulties or would like to share some of your challenges or learning with your teacher.  All of the staff have been delighted to see some of what you have been getting up to. We've received photos of children completing their the challenges and some have received feedback on their learning.  Do communicate ... even if it's just to say 'hello'!  

  • This week we have also included some family activities produced by The Church of England which are designed to help us to value what we have and what we can be grateful for in these challenging times. Do take a look as they will provoke discussions in families. There is one for each key stage. 
  • Your year's page explains that although White Rose maths presentations are available on the White Rose links, the activities are now on your page.  White Rose has teamed up with the BBC to provide additional challenges in Maths. To access - follow link below.  
  • The Purple Mash site is proving to be very engaging and teachers have been communicating with pupils on this platform too.  There are new learning opportunities being offered all of the time - we shall add any that we think are particularly useful (see links to the left).  
  • KS2 pupils may enjoy this brilliant production of David Walliams' The Midnight Gang by Chichester Theatre.





April 27th Learning for Week  - please read below and then go to your year group & open Week Four

But before you do that - remember that all the staff are thinking of you and your families and HERE IS OUR MESSAGE TO YOOOU




We hope that everyone has managed to get back into a routine for learning after the Easter break.  Last week you will have received your child's teacher's email address.  We have been very excited to receive some photos of children's learning. How creative the children are!  Please do upload some learning that your child is proud of -they will certainly receive feedback from their teacher. Please keep up with Mathletics and Readiwrite programs as teachers can monitor a child's progress and are setting new tasks. Almost all children are accessing this - well done!  We are also pleased to see that Purple Mash is being used extensively and will be using this more for teacher feedback.  Please see the tab to the left which will explain in more detail. Can you get to a park or do you have a garden with a tree?  If so, see tab below for a fun activity involving trees! 


  • This is now being posted for Y1 - Y6.  We are no longer posting separate lessons as we felt that some learners were missing the presentations which accompany them.  You have the link for your year group and you need to go on to the set of lessons for the appropriate week (see your page).  You will find a presentation for each day followed by activity sheets. The answers are also available for you to check. 
  • How are you getting on with the St Peter's Challenges for your year group?   Mrs Hill's daughter has apparently done the ironing and made salmon fishcakes for dinner -  brilliant life skills!  Do send your photos in and we shall put a section on the website gallery for all to share.  
  • You have also received the St Peter's Well Being pack. It is aimed at parents and offers practical advice on how to support your child during this difficult time. You will also find tips for managing as adults during lock down. It's all common sense but sometimes it's good to be reassured that you are not the only one who may be struggling to manage children's learning at the same time as managing your own work commitments. The pack also lists contact details for local and national support.  

   The Hamilton will still be our core English learning.   

  • For Y1- Y6 both the BBC and The Oak Academy lessons are good.  Oak is backed by the Department of Education and the content is sound.  The BBC's presentation is very accessible for all children. They don't always follow our specific curriculum but they are put together well and are of course, visual. Anything that children enjoy over and above what is set will be a bonus, even if it's not our specific curriculum.  Knowledge is power!


April 17th 2020 (Learning for week starting April 20th 2020) 

We hope that everyone had a peaceful and happy Easter.  Thank you so much for the photos of your Easter Gardens - they are all absolutely beautiful!  Please look at the gallery section of this website to view them. For a different style of learning to supplement the core lessons, please open up ST PETER'S HOME CHALLENGES (see tab to the left).  There is something here for everyone. No time frame but designed to last through lock down. There will be prizes for commitment and perseverance!  

Two fun websites added in the tabs:

  • The Royal Opera House has high quality creative activities for 5-11 year olds
  • Save the Children has a selection of lock-down activities including Bruno Tonioli showing us how to dance and Jamie Oliver showing us how to cook!  Take a look - it's fun! 

You will find your learning by accessing your year group and going onto: Week Three.  

  • Have you kept up with your Mathletics and spellings?  Your teachers are checking this carefully and setting you new tasks each week. 
  • We are continuing with The Hamilton Trust learning for English. Some year groups have changed to White Rose for Maths, others are sticking with Hamilton Trust.  We have now added Hamilton learning for EYFS children.
  • For those following White Rose Maths you can locate the answers by accessing the White Rose website:
  •  For the Hamilton Trust learning we have added the PPTs which are essentially for teachers, but our staff feel that because there are audio links, they will also be helpful for parents. 
  • Parents - please take time to watch the following clip by Ruth Merttens the head of Hamilton Trust.  She gives a reassuring outline of how to support your child with their learning. Her main point is the need for routine and structure - but she gives some useful hints for organising the learning at home. 



April 3rd 2020

Hope everyone is keeping busy and well!  Although this is technically the Easter holidays, it will feel very much the same as the last two weeks, so we are adding learning this week. But after today, your new learning will start on April 20th. Please take time to read the online safety information (Other Info).

  • Did you have a go at the yoga?  Are you keeping up with Joe Wicks?
  • Your teachers are looking at the learning you've done online and will be setting new Mathletics. We shall be attaching some new links to help parents support Readiwriter spellings.  
  • Have you tried Facetiming a friend or relative and reading your book to them? 
  • Have you thought about making a special Easter card for a neighbour or relative? 
  • Next week is what is known as Holy Week - the build up to Easter - find out what happened on each day and why it is important to Christians around the world. 
  • Please see the Readiwriter Parent Pack below. 
  • There is also an Easter Science challenge for all - one is more challenging - go for it!
  • KS2 - an exciting live lesson link from the Field Studies Council - you need to book on link below- looks fascinating and links well with KS2 curriculum