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St Peter's C of E Primary School



The Governing Body


Electoral Division: Farnham South DCSF No. 3345

Governor Posts: 8 Foundation (4 PCC, 3 Diocese, 1 Ex-officio), 2 Parent, 1 Head teacher,

1 Staff, 1 LA, 1 Co-opted.

Name  Type of Governor Date appt'd End Term Membership of Committees
Mr Bart Caines Foundation (PCC appointed)



03.10.21 Resources
Mr Mark Adam Foundation (PCC appointed) 29.11.18 28.11.22 PS & WB
Mr Mike Rabjohns Foundation (PCC appointed) 28.10.19  27.10.23 Resources
Mrs Sally Woods Foundation (PCC appointed) 31.01.19 30.01.23 Children & Learning
Rev Jacqueline Drake-Smith Ex-officio Incumbent 22.03.18 21.03.22 Children & Learning
Rev Michael Hopkins Foundation (Diocesan appointment) 24.01.18 23.01.22 PS & WB
Mr Neil Ambrose Foundation (Diocesan appointment) 03.10.16 02.10.20
Mr Ted Wheatley Foundation (Diocesan appointment) 01.10.20 30.09.24 Children & Learning
Mrs Theresa Meredith-Hardy Local Authority appointment 29.11.18 28.11.22 PR, Marketing and Fundraising
Mr Patrick Goodlet Parent (Elected) 23.10.20 22.10.24 TBC
Mrs Christine MacDonald Parent (Elected) 23.05.19 22.05.23 Children & Learning
Mrs Sarah Dunning Head teacher 01.01.13   All committees
Mrs Elaine De Moraes Staff (Elected) 02.09.19 01.09.23 Children & Learning
Mrs Maria Finch Co-opted (Chair) 31.01.19 30.01.23 Chair FGB



Mrs Juliet Williams Clerk (Appointed by the GB) 14.01.19        



Full Governing Body (FGB) - Meets each half term. All Governors invited to attend.


Resources - Covers Finance, Buildings and Health & Safety.  (clerked)

Meets half termly ahead of FGB


Mr Neil Ambrose

Mr Bart Caines (Chair)

Mr Mike Rabjohns

Mrs Sarah Dunning

In attendance: Mrs Fiona Hopkins 

                            Mrs Sarah Marshall


Children & Learning - Meets half termly ahead of FGB.  (clerked)


Mrs Sally Woods (Chair)

Rev Jacqueline Drake Smith

Mrs Christine MacDonald

Mrs Elaine de Moraes

Mrs Sarah Dunning

Mr Ted Wheatley

In attendance: Mrs Sarah Marshall


People Strategy & Well Being (PS & WB) - Meets half termly ahead of FGB.  (clerked)


Mr Mark Adam (Chair)

Rev Michael Hopkins

Mrs Maria Finch

Mrs Sarah Dunning

In attendance: Fiona Hopkins


Admissions - Meets twice yearly or as required.  (clerked)

Mr Neil Ambrose (Chair)

Mrs Sarah Dunning

Rev Jacqueline Drake-Smith

Rev Michael Hopkins

In attendance: Mrs Kate Parry-Shields


Please direct your questions or comments for Governors to: