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St Peter's C of E Primary School


ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)

We have an experieced ELSA in school who is able to support pupils in different circumstances. A child may be struggling to make the correct choices in school (or at home) and professional support can give them a safe space to explore their feelings and the underlying reasons for their choices. 


Another example of ELSA support would be if a child has low self-esteem or is lacking the confidence to take advantage of the opportunities available in school.  Another child may be struggling with friendships and social interactions. 


ELSA support is often a short term programme which gives the pupil strategies to help them overcome their anxieties or issues. In most cases, a few short 1:1 sessions are enough to bring the child back on track and to feel more positive about themselves as a valued member of the school community. If the pupil, parent or teacher do not see any impact from the ELSA sessions, a decision will be made to seek external professional support.  This is always done in conjunction with the parents.  


Our ELSAs will often use the Trick Box programme to give pupils self-help strategies.