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St Peter's C of E Primary School


Curriculum Cookery

Curriculum Support Learning 


We have a fully equipped children’s kitchen. In addition to the statutory element of cookery in DT lessons, Cookery is now well established within the curriculum. This includes three year groups and is always planned to support a specific curriculum area. As an example, a class which is studying Ghana in Geography will include a typical Ghanaian dish in their Curriculum Cookery sessions. Children studying The Romans in History use a range of herbs to create the type of soup that would have been eaten by the Romans.  Cookery instruction includes a progression of skills in that children use increasingly sophisticated culinary equipment.  They also learn about food groups and how to make sensible choices regarding food. These are life skills which will set children up for the future. Cookery also involves working collaboratively, using maths skills, developing scientific knowledge and creativity. Feedback from children and parents has been very positive and we are continually reviewing the content to support other subject areas.