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St Peter's C of E Primary School


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September 2019

  • We are GREEN!

    Published 20/09/19

    We have the coveted GREEN FLAG!!! We are officially an ECO SCHOOL. Commitment to eco- issues over the years and continuing to learn and raise awareness. Well done team -staff and pupils! @EcoSchools @EcoSchoolsInt #SurreyCountyCouncil

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  • Royal Marine Talk

    Published 18/09/19

    Lieutenant Colonel Jim Pressly Royal Marines, recently returned from Afghanistan, continues the St Peter's School governors "Little Green Lectures" with an interactive talk about his experience in the region.  Jim will talk about his personal experiences and will cover the impact it has had on us as well as the Afghans, what is happening now in this part of the world and a look to the future. Jim will be happy to take questions from the audience throughout his session. Jim will be talking about this topic from a personal perspective.  Tickets available from the school office

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