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St Peter's C of E Primary School


Chess Match

“Friday, March 10th saw four Farnham Primary Schools come together  to take part in a huge chess match at William Cobbett Primary School. The visiting schools were St. Peters, St. Polycarps and South Farnham all of who, have very active and growing chess clubs with pupils from year 3 to year 6.


Each school team consisted of eight players (boys and girls) arranged so that the most experienced players would play each other and then swap around at half-time.


The Chess Captains for each school were Jesse Binmore (William Cobbett), Orla Warren (South Farnham), Tom Hodgson (St. Peters) and Joshua Watson (St. Polycarps) tossed a coin to see who would have the white pieces on the odd numbered boards and who would have the black pieces.


In round one William Cobbett played St. Peters and South Farnham played St. Peters and at half-time we welcomed refreshments and kicked off round two with William Cobbett playing South Farnham and St. Peters playing St. Polycarps.


Finally at around 5pm all of the games were completed and the scores totalled up and it was very close indeed: William Cobbett 10.5/16, St. Polycarps 8/16. St . Peters 7.5/16 and South Farnham 7/16 !


The children all enjoy themselves thoroughly and Chess teacher, Dr. John Upham said he was very pleased with the high standard of play from all of the children. 


Best checkmate of the match was awarded to Alex Richards from William Cobbett who achieved an unusual and excellent “Smothered Checkmate” with one of his knights: Well done Alex !


Special mention must go to Donnie Daniels who very kindly agreed to substitute for a missing St. Polycarps player !


It was agreed by all to continue the matches in the Summer Term and make them a regular fixture.”