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St Peter's C of E Primary School


Our Vision and Values


Our Vision Statement

"At St Peter’s we have high expectations where everyone flourishes, achieves and succeeds within a safe, inclusive Christian community. We promote gospel values of independence, respect and empathy. Through an exciting curriculum, children are inspired to find joy as lifelong learners and active world citizens."


St Peter’s School Values


  • to welcome and support everyone we meet as one of God’s family; 
  • to share common goals with every member of our community;
  • to recognise that we have a voice that we can use to promote peace, justice and equality; and
  • to know that we can make a difference by playing an active part in the local, national and global community.


  • to stand up for what we know to be right and just;
  • to take risks by challenging ourselves and others;
  • to have faith in God as our creator and guide; and
  • to forgive others, to thank others and to hope for the future.


  • to respect all God’s people and their individual talents;
  • to expect everyone to achieve their potential;
  • to empathise and show compassion towards others; and
  • to demonstrate understanding, tolerance, justice and equality.

These values and everything we do at St Peter’s are bound together by the Christian value of LOVE which puts others before ourselves. 

Love one another as I have loved you. 
(John 13:34-35)