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St Peter's C of E Primary School

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School Committees

St Peter’s has an active School Council with representatives elected by their peers. The Council meets regularly to discuss ideas which have been put forward by pupils. They also take other issues back to their classes and canvass responses and feedback.


The School Council

St Peter’s believes that the children should decide what they like about their school and what they would like to see improved.  Children canvass their peers and put forward suggestions for changes they would like to see. The Council is also involved in organising charity events such as an NSPCC sponsored work out or fundraising for local, national and international charities. Each summer, the Council organises a whole school Charity Day, which is organised entirely by the children.


The Fairtrade Committee was set up in 2013 to steer the school’s work towards becoming an accredited Fairtrade School. The Committee also has adult representatives. Meeting at least three times a term, the committee is responsible for ensuring that Fairtrade issues are promoted both within the school and the community. They run stalls at Parents’ Evenings and the Christmas Fair and ensure that all classes are kept up to date with developments. The Committee  also leads  whole school assemblies  to ensure that everyone both children and adults alike, are up to date with the school’s status as a Fairtrade Achiever School.  Children are planning to take the message further into the community by conducting research in the town centre, to analyse people’s understanding of Fairtrade. One of our long term goals is for Farnham to become a Fairtrade Borough.